1104 Iron 40Spend some time and look at the Modules Page to see how you can snap our modules together into different and innovative forms. One of the beauties of the SnapHome system is that you can add modules as you need and can afford them. So you can plan for the future, but pay for the present.

featured_vision copyOnce you have an idea of what you would like…Contact Us. We have found that it is helpful to start this process with a conversation, either by phone or by email. We will answer any questions you might have and review the steps involved in buying a SnapHome. There is no charge for this initial consultation, we are here to help.

Critical to the success of a project is the creation of a realistic budget.

  • If you are financing your new home, the budget is what you can borrow plus your down payment. What you can borrow from a lender is determined by what you can qualify for and what the home will appraise for in your area. We strongly recommend that you get prequalified for a permanent loan so that you have a realistic idea what you can afford to spend on your new SnapHome.
  • If you are paying cash, the budget is the amount of cash you have or are willing to spend.


SnapHome will give you a fixed price for the cost of the modules, upgrades and options. In addition to these costs, all new homes have costs specific to the situation. Included in these other costs are design cost; lot cost; site development (driveways, utility extensions, water and sewer/septic, site grading, footings and foundation); landscaping (fences, decks, patios, walkways, ground cover and plantings); transportation; financing expense; closing costs; and a contingency. These costs need to be estimated to give you a sense of the total project cost. We will estimate these additional costs for you at no expense once we have:

  • Detailed information on your lot or on a lot that you intend to purchase
  • Your site development requirements
  • What you would like in the way of decks, patios, fencing and landscaping
  • Whether or not you will be financing the construction, and, if so, with whom


At this point, this is an estimate only since SnapHome will not have working drawings to bid these items. However, this initial estimate will give you an idea of whether your budget is close to the estimated cost of the project. If the budget and estimate are relatively close, then we can move into a design contract. If they are apart, then we can work together to get the cost in line with the budget.

Design Contract: The design contract for modules is comprised of the selection of the modules; determination of the location, type and size of the windows and doors; selection of the exterior finish and roof type; and selection of options and finishes. The cost for this portion of the design is $500 plus NMGRT (New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax) and is due from the homebuyer prior to starting the design work. This amount will be credited against the purchase price if the homebuyer purchases the modules. Upon receipt of the design fee for the modules selected, SnapHome will create working drawings, which will be approved in writing by both parties and become the plans for the Construction Contract for Modules.

Design Contract for Site Work and Landscaping: If the homebuyer chooses SnapHome to design this portion of the work, SnapHome’s designer will complete a site and landscape plan. The cost is $1,000 plus NMGRT for a standard situation. If the scope of work is more extensive than typical, SnapHome will advise the homebuyer prior to starting the work as to the cost of the design. If the proposal is acceptable to the homebuyer, SnapHome will start on the plans upon receipt of the design fee. These plans will be used by SnapHome and other contractors to bid the site work and landscaping.

Construction Contract: Upon completion and approval of the plans for the modules and acceptance of the proposed price, the homebuyer and SnapHome may enter into a construction contract for the selected modules and the transportation of the modules to the site.

Construction Contract for Site Work and Landscaping: Upon completion and approval of the site work and landscaping plans, SnapHome will bid those portions of the work and submit a proposal to the homebuyer. If the bid is acceptable, then the homebuyer and SnapHome may enter into a separate contract for those portions of the work. If the homebuyer decides to complete this work or to hire another contractor, SnapHome will deliver these plans to the homebuyer at no additional cost.

Construction: Construction will begin once the contract for the modules has been executed; payment of 10% of the total amount of this contract has been received; confirmation of funds to complete the construction is in place; and all permits have been obtained.

Construction of Site Work: At the same time as the modules are being constructed, the site work can be completed either by SnapHome or another contractor. The goal is to have all site work completed prior to the time that delivery is scheduled. If SnapHome is the contractor, construction of the site work will begin once the contract for the site work has been executed; payment of 10% of the total amount of this contract has been received; confirmation of funds to complete the construction is in place; and all permits have been obtained.

Construction of Landscaping: If any of the landscaping (fences, decks, patios, walkways, ground cover and plantings) is part of site work and landscaping construction contract, construction will begin upon completion of the site work and delivery the module to the site.

Feasibility: As part of the Design Contract for the Site Work and Landscaping, a SnapHome representative and a representative of the transport company will review the access to the homebuyer’s lot to determine if it is feasible to deliver a module safely to the site. If SnapHome is not responsible for the design of the site work, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to determine that access is adequate for delivery. SnapHome will put the homebuyer in direct contact with the transport company to schedule a review of the site.

Transportation and Installation: If SnapHome is the contractor for the site work, we will coordinate delivery of the module and coordinate installation.

If SnapHome is not the contractor for the site work, prior to delivery, the homebuyer will send copies of all required inspections to SnapHome. Upon receipt of those inspections, a SnapHome representative will visit the property to confirm that the driveway, utilities and foundation conforms to our requirements for delivery and utility connection. In the event any of these items need correction, delivery will be delayed until such time as the corrections have been completed. Once the module has been delivered and set on its permanent foundation, SnapHome will hook up all the utilities, set the stairs and call for final inspection.

Customer Orientation: Upon completion of the work and receipt of the final inspection/certificate of occupancy, a SnapHome representative will complete a walk through with the homebuyer, develop a punch list, review all the building systems and their proper operation, and present the homebuyer with a Home Ownership Manual. Any final punch list items will be dealt with after completion of the walk through. Once the punch list items are completed to the homebuyer’s satisfaction, the SnapHome is ready for occupancy.

Warranty: Included with the purchase is a one year warranty from SnapHome. All third party warranties (roof, appliances, hvac, etc.) will be transferred to the homebuyer. All warranties, manuals and other pertinent information will be found in the Home Ownership Manual. SnapHome will contact the homebuyer every 3 months to see how things are going. Small cosmetic items will be dealt with at the end of the one year warranty to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. Any major issue that might arise will be dealt with immediately.